Talal’s early love for world music gave him a great foundation to journey into the realms of sound and rhythm. His life has included stints in Bahrain, Riyadh, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manila, Hong Kong, Boston, Jeddah, London, and Singapore. Talal began listening to punk rock in his early teens and went on to discover bands like Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Interpol, Joy Division, and Tangerine Dream to name a few. In time, his global upbringing brought him into contact with electronic dance music and it provided him a context to capture and document his perceptions of sound. He soon began to experiment with his favorite records and to mix sounds across the genres that were his early and later influences. As DJ’ing became his passion, Talal started to sequence sounds together expressing himself through daws and midi (digital audio workstations using musical instruments digital interface).

Travelling around with his laptop and headphones, he continues to capture his findings and feelings of a wide world by using electronically synthesised sounds we can all identify with. He counts producers like Trentemoller, Booka Shade, John Digweed, Sasha, and Guy J as some of his sound influences. Indeed, the music they and other DJ/producers continuously brought to his attention through club sets and album releases blew him away and influenced him to cast his thoughts and ideas of music into a similar musical structure. His very deep and emotive sound combining such a varied influence caught the attention of Techno Therapy Records, London, who decided Talal’s energy and musical offering would make him a perfect candidate for producing the label’s first full artist album. From relatively being unknown to being welcomed to produce a selection of sounds is a great achievement, and Talal is “really humbled to be working with Techno Therapy because its roster counts some of the best producers in the industry, and the opportunity to learn and collaborate them will be a privilege”. Techno Therapy are privileged and excited to give Talal the opportunity to bring therapy through sound to the masses of people, creating a seabed of thought for young producers expressing themselves through sound.

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